Crossing the divide

Harriet Tyce considers the long and complicated relationship between crime and literary fiction.

The divide between crime and ‘literary’ fiction goes way back. Dorothy B. Hughes wrote In a Lonely Place in 1947, and it’s a masterpiece, in my view.  The first example of narration from the point of view of a serial killer, written at least five years before Jim Thompson’s The Killer Inside Me, it would not surprise me at all to discover that Patricia Highsmith borrowed much inspiration from the anti-hero, Dix Steele, in her creation of Tom Ripley. Continue reading

Crime screenwriting 101

Crime drama in its various guises has dominated television and movies in recent years, including The Bridge, Sherlock, Fargo and Broadchurch. But what distinguishes a violent victory from a fatal flop?

Ahead of his Noirwich Crime Writing Festival event with crime writer and TV mastermind Phil Redmond, novelist and award-winning screenwriter Tom Benn offers his top tips on writing crime for the screen.

Continue reading